My first wool longies!

I have been really lax on the updating lately. I am sad to say that this isn't that much of an update, I just wanted to post a picture of the first pair of wool longies that I made tonight! I went out and bought 15 wool sweaters to make some covers and longies with. I am hoping to make a ton to sell in the upcoming months. I am in love with wool, and super excited to make some more longies and experiment with other kinds of wool covers that I can make.

My machine is broken so I hand sewed these. Yup. So very old fashioned of me. I was bored and way too excited about Elijah having a wool diaper cover to wait. I lanolized them and they are now hanging to dry in the bathroom. I will take pictures once I get Elijah into them! The legs might be a tad too long, but that can be easily fixed.

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A Baby Peach said...

So cute! Did you use a pattern? I've been looking at them to make some for Lucas, as I have a ton of sweaters I can no longer wear, but I'm not impressed w/ anything I've found yet...

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