Necklace giveaway!

Who doesn't like free stuff? I LOVE free stuff, and I think everyone deserves to win something at some point in their life. In honor of the upcoming holiday season, the crappy economy, and because I am feeling generous, I am giving away a necklace from my Etsy shop.

Up for grabs is this very cool sterling octopus necklace on a vintage chain! A present for yourself, or a present you can give to someone else! All you have to do is comment on this entry, make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you.
On November 5th I will generate a random number and pick a winner!
Here is the Etsy listing for the necklace: le petit owlet - octopus necklace

Good luck! Tell your freinds to enter too!


nicolebivins said...

i love you and youre the best!!!


Amber said...

I am commenting! Awesome necklace!
-Amber Hathaway

Patni said...

I love free octopi!
miss patni.

Caitlin said...

love ittttt



suealex said...

Super cool and creepy. I want to win!

Paranoid Frandroid said...

Francisco Andaur (Mordecai)


Meredith said...

such a great necklace!

Meredith Cooper

Fernando said...

Fernando Martinez


catrabbitslim said...

I would love to wear this to my wedding. It is beautiful. Who doesnt love a free octopus~!!

Smayyyy said...

im pregnant and im naming my baby nemo. and im sure she'd love it if i wore a octopus necklace. =]]]


scully3323 said...

I just watched this special on the mimic octopus! I had no idea they could bury and hide themselves in the ocean floor! Anyways I'm a fellow Austinite, wink wink. It's very nice what you're doing!

- Jess

Brandon said...

i want your testicles, er...tentacles on my wife's neck!


Emily said...

LOOOVE the necklace! And great idea =)

Rachael said...

I love this! I hope I win!!

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