Dear blog readers, I have some homework for you. Find me a sleep solution that is 1. safe for nursing mothers, 2. not any medication such as Ambien, 3. not melatonin, and 4. natural.
I really need to sleep. At night. I have a bad case of insomnia going on. I did try melatonin, it worked, but it worked too well. I only took a half of a pill but apparently Elijah was fussing in the morning (luckily it was a weekend) and I would not wake up. I couldn't wake up! I was out.
Since we co-sleep I can't take anything that knocks me on my butt, and since I breastfeed I can't take anything that will affect that, or my breast milk.
So, suggestions? Answers!?

Oh hey! Wanna see some of the longies I made on a really cute baby other than Elijah!? I know, I know, Elijah is super duper cute, and a great model, but this baby is a girl, and these longies are pink! And she is just so stinking cute. You can see here on her mama's blog!

I really had more to say, I swear, but whatever it was has totally slipped my mind. Maybe I am tired. I'm going to go put the diapers on their final wash cycle and hopefully call it a night!



ashley said...

yay for blog links!!! you beat me to the punch :-) i had a whole post about them in the works... but thanks for the kick in the butt, it's up now. and i'll email you a perma link to that specific post so that any time your readers cklick on it it'll take them directly to that post, even if its not my most recent post any more.
they are just so cute on her and its so stinkin' cold here, i think she'll just have to wear them today!!

ashley said...

ok. how about valerian root? it comes as a tincture. i've taken it before when i was really stressed during finals for school and having trouble sleeping. it was very gentle and i did sleep well but had no trouble waking up. i'm a light sleeper to begin with though. i read what i could on valerian and breastfeeding and it's kinda inconclusive. most sources say don't do it but that's basically just because no research has been done... i think if i needed it i would probably feel ok trying it. i'd watch edie closely for signs of extra sleepiness though :-)

Anonymous said...

I have had brutal insomnia for years and tried everything, nothing worked or at least nothing was worth the side effects. What finally did the trick is audiobooks on my ipod. Initially, I started listening to them just to kill the time spent lying there staring at the ceiling and to occupy my mind so that it wouldn't go where I didn't want it to during said hours spent staring at the ceiling. Anyway, I quickly discovered that no matter how great the book was, I couldn't ever follow the story and they never seemed to make sense. It took a while to put two and two together - I'd been falling asleep and missing parts of the stories!!! Yippee! I actually fell asleep. I'd wake up and keep listening, not really aware that I'd actually slept. So next I set the sleep timer on my ipod for 15 minutes, then when I fell asleep I didn't miss as much of the book. It worked like a charm and completely cured my insomnia after about 8 months and six or seven books. I also feel that this technique helped a TON with my anxiety and stress - it totally took my mind away from useless worrying. I am a much much happier person now and don't need the audiobooks to fall asleep anymore. It's been about two years since "the cure" as I call it. I know it sounds so simple and how could big brains like ours be tricked like this? Well they can! Check out audible.com. Good luck, I know how painful and frustrating it can me.

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