Teething, Sophie the Giraffe, and making diapers!

I've been encompassed by the wonderful world of teething, and when I can manage a minute to myself, sewing. This is why I haven't been writing all that much!

Elijah has been up really late the past 3 nights in a row. So exhausting! It might be some time before any teeth cut, but I know that that's what he is going through. The drooling is becoming excessive, the gnawing is a lot as usual, he's been rubbing his tongue against his top gum all the time. Fussy, cranky, sleepless! Oh how fun!

I just got Elijah Sophie the Giraffe. Hopefully that will help! Sophie is made out of 100% all natural rubber from the sap of the hevea tree and painted with non-toxic food grade paints. Finding 100% natural rubber and non-toxic toys is really hard these days, and now that everything is going into his mouth I certainly want toys and teethers that are free of chemicals, which means no plastic!
Sophie is really soft, slender (easy for babies to grasp!), and squeaks when you squeeze her!

As for sewing, I have been working on a bunch of different things! After using other peoples patterns to make some fitted diapers I finally drafted my own. All of the diapers I was trying to make were just too trim around the crotch area. I like a fuller yet trim diaper. After all, they are made to catch messes. I need to try the diapers I have made on Elijah and take some photos and get the sizing down, but they will be up for sale soon at Le Petit Owlet! I'm really excited for this! I am using all natural fibers, absolutely no synthetics. So far I have made some with a cotton print outer, french terry middle layer, and either cotton sherpa or bamboo and hemp fleece against baby. I am making these diapers with snap in soakers for quicker drying times. They are not waterproof, so you do need to use a cover with them, but they are all amazingly soft. I wanted to make natural fiber diapers because I have been running into a lot of problems with all of my synthetic diapers. They just get so stinky! They retain smells and stains, and it's a pain to get them out sometimes. I have stripped my pocket diapers way too many times, sometime I have even spent 4+ hours just running them through wash cycles with different stuff to try to get the stink out. I really don't want to spend that much time washing diapers, and I know there's a lot of people out there who agree! None of my prefolds have any stains OR stink! So natural fibers it is. Not only are they more breathable for baby, but much easier to wash for mom.

Here is a sneak peek!


TheGirl said...

loving your diapers, as soon as pay day comes i will place an order like i have been planning on doing forever.
we have sophie! its a christmas gift, Vulli has some other cute toys as well.
have any girly fabrics for diapers?
or thought of making just covers in cute fabric? (i hate having to cover up the cute)

Jessica Lyn. said...

I do have some girly fabrics! I really love that brown, tan and yellow floral fabric that I have up right now. I need to take some better pictures when it's sunny outside because these photos don't do them justice.
I also have a light pink woodgrain fabric and a dark pink woodgrain fabric. I am going to be ordering some more cotton prints soon, I just need to find some good ones!

I haven't quite dipped my toes into the diaper cover territory yet. I tried once, and the PUL is so slippery to sew. I need to practice more. One day though!

I will have to check out the other vulli toys!

ashley said...

edie has been chewing (and drooling) like crazy for about 2.5 months now... and she's already got one good sized tooth. i got a sophie too because she ALWAYS wants to chew but gets frustrated with stuffed animals and wooden things seem too hard (she'll bite them and then start crying like she hurt herself). i'm hoping the sophie is the perfect tether!

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