Green baby in 2010 article, no sleep for Eli, and ditching the disposable wipes.

Little E sure didn't want to go to sleep tonight. He went down about 30 minutes ago at 1:20am. Overtired baby makes for an overtired mama!

I've got some really great stuff lined up for the new year, I'm super excited about it! We're going to have a big article in January, a list of sorts, of all of our favorite green baby products. From cloth diapers to toys, clothing, and much more! We really want to help mamas go green, or continue to be green in 2010. It's a great new years resolution that both you and your baby will love! If you want your products featured then you can email me at jessicalwestbrook@gmail.com

Speaking of going green, I finally ditched our disposable wipes! We were making our own with paper towels, water, Dr. Bronner's, and grapeseed oil. Since we are using cloth diapers I finally realized it was kind of silly to not be using cloth wipes too, I mean all you have to do is just throw them in with the diaper wash! So I went ahead and ordered the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer and it came in the mail today! I have tons of fabric sitting around so I made a bunch of wipes. Most of them are organic bamboo velour on one side and organic French terry on the other, so soft! I'm in love with the wipes warmer and it's so much easier to open it up while at the changing table and grab a wipe than it is to sit there with the sink running until the water warms up. Plus warm wipes are just nice! If there's anything I can do to make my babe happier than I will, I know that if I needed to have my diaper changed I would most certainly want a cloth bum and warm wipes.
Next I am going to work on ditching the paper towels. That's probably the only thing that we have left that is disposable (besides toilet paper, but I'm not ditching that).

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Dia said...

Passing this on to my daughter-in law - she makes fun cloth all-in one diapers, & cozy flannel wipes (warm wipes do sound cozy - & that OG bamboo velour . . . ooo!)
Cudos on your blog!

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