No, I will not CIO.

Ever since Elijah was born I have had people telling me that I just have to try the Ferber method, that Eli needs to cry to strengthen his lungs, or that I need to put him in a crib so he will learn good sleeping habits. I know, people love giving unsolicited advice, but when I say that I am happy sleeping with my baby and am then told I need to CIO, well that just doesn't make sense. There are a lot of reasons why I sleep with my son and why I will never let him cry it out (and no, crying does not develop a babies lungs, their lungs develop in the womb).
When a baby cries it means they need something. They might be hungry or want a new diaper, but they just might want to be held, or to know that you are there.
Your baby is not taking advantage of you. You are not spoiling your baby by responding to his cries. You are showing him that you are there for him when he needs you and that you care. Babies don't eventually learn to soothe themselves, they learn that their cries aren't going to make you come, so they stop doing it.
I feel like I have built a wonderful bond with my son. It's just amazing to go to bed together and then wake up together in the morning. He is always right there, and I am always right here. He's opened his eyes at night and looked at me for a minute and then gone back to sleep, I feel like he was checking to see if I was still around. Me being here next to him is comforting and probably helps him sleep better.
By having my son in my bed means I get more sleep. I am breastfeeding, and I will be for quite some time. If Elijah is hungry at night he will eat, I'm not going to deprive him of eating, and I certainly don't want to have to get up to do it. He can find his way to the source in his sleep now so I barely have to bat an eye. It's perfect!

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Ok, bed time. I have been staying up way to late and there is a really cute baby I gotta go cuddle!

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