One tired mama + beware of your Baby Bjorn.

This mama is totally and completely exhausted. I don't know what was going on with Elijah today, but he cried more than he has ever cried before. I really think it has something to do with teething, but I can't be sure because I feel like he's been teething since he was 3 months old, and still no teeth. He is, however, practically CRAWLING. Uhm, yeah. Crawling, at 5 months, boy is starting early. I sure am about to have my hands full.

The cloths wipes are working out wonderfully. I do have to say this Prince Lionheart wipes warmer is fabulous, little E thinks so too. The potty is also working out great! We're definitely not full time EC, and there's some days where we don't do it at all, but I try to put him on his potty after every nap, and so far he pees in it about 90% of the time. I haven't caught a #2 yet but hopefully soon. It's not about potty training (I'm not really into the whole "training" thing either, I'd rather he do potty learning). If he started to hate the potty then we'd stop, but he likes it! I think he likes sitting down at that level because he gets to see all sorts of new stuff.

So recently I have been reading about different types of baby carriers and I found out that the Baby Bjorn carrier is actually not so great to use. The Bjorn puts a lot of pressure on the baby's spine and it's not a natural sitting position. This carrier can affect the spinal cord and even sometimes cause Spondylolisthesis. Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which a vertebra in the lower part of the spine slips forward and onto a bone below it. Uh, ouch. Luckily I don't use it much, I use a ring sling, but I have also been carrying him a lot, like if I am just running in to get coffee. So, if you have a Bjorn you might want to consider a different carrier. There are so many out there to choose from, there is guaranteed one that will fit your needs. Make sure you do some research before choosing a carrier too!

I am still looking for some green/eco-friendly baby products to put in my new years compilation. If you are interested or would like more details please don't hesitate to email me: jessicalwestbrook@gmail.com

Uh oh, baby is starting to stir (and I should be in bed)! Goodnight!

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