Bed, Meet Floor. Tooth, Meet Screaming Baby.

I finally had to put the mattress on the floor tonight. I've been waking up in the morning to find Elijah rolling or crawling around on the bed and I didn't want to have to experience him crawling or rolling off the bed if I could help it! Now if he falls off the bed he doesn't really have far to go.
Teething seems to be in full force. I was convinced he was teething at 3 months, to be honest I think it might have started then, it's just a really long drawn out process. Now I can see the white of a tooth through his gums, the bottom left, and boy is he cranky. Elijah really doesn't cry or scream all that much, but the past few days he has been screaming and crying in a way I have never heard before, he is straight up miserable. Poor guy. We've been using the Hyland's teething tablets and they seem to help a little bit. Hopefully both Elijah and I get a break from this teething business soon!
I am proudly still exclusively breastfeeding my baby. I don't know why people are always in such a rush to feed their babies solid foods. It's not a milestone (and it makes their poop a lot different, and not necessarily in a good way)! I am going by the baby led solids idea. What is baby led solids? Well, first of all, it's minimal spoon feeding. That means I won't be pureeing all sorts of stuff for Eli to eat. When Elijah shows signs of readiness and interest I will give him pieces of food to eat/hold/play with. The whole idea is that you are not "managing" your child's eating, but rather trusting their instincts. Baby led solids is trusting your baby to know what he is ready or able to eat and when he's had enough. I also plan on extended breastfeeding. I used to think I would stop before Elijah was 2, but now I have pretty much taken the stance that I will breastfeed as long as he wants to. If you are curious about the benefits of extended breastfeeding check out this Kellymom article (Kellymom is a great resource for all things breastfeeding!)

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Mamma Pie said...

I wish I could get you some of our baby meds. We have this bottle of Calpol we purchased in Ireland over the summer and it is babyteething heaven. It has numbing meds in it so it relieves their mouth pain (smart, right?) and it tastes great. Oh, and it's like tylenol. It is by far the best baby med we ever bought. I am hoarding the remaining half bottle for when things are really bad.
We did the same thing with our bed, by the way. It made such a big difference. And I also have the crib in the room (for laundry, of course) but at night I pull it beside the bed and that way the rail is there. Its pretty convenient!

Jessica Lyn. said...

I've been using the Hyland's teething tablets. They work for the most part, but numbing AND tastes great sounds like a great teething combo!

I never even got a crib. I was going to but then decided not to before Eli was born, I figured I would never use it and was right! I wouldn't be able to put Eli in there, he has to sleep next to me! He can crawl off the bed now, at least it's not rolling off and hurting himself!

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