Rockin' Green Detergent Review

Finding a good detergent to use on your cloth diapers can be a challenge, there are so many out there but not all of them work, so I was super excited to try out Rockin' Green Detergent.

Rockin' Green is based out of San Antonio, TX, so they are local for me, and made by a mom who formulated it when she needed a solution for her stinky dipes. It comes in two formulas: Classic Rock and Soft Rock. Classic rock is the original detergent and comes in a variety of delicious scents (there are only 10 drops per 45/90 load bag so the scent is not overwhelming and it's perfectly safe for your diapers). Soft Rock is the unscented version, gentler for your sensitive babes.

I received a sample of both Classic Rock (Fresh Linen scent) and Soft Rock to test out. I started with the Classic Rock. I did a soak like the directions told me to, then I washed the diapers per usual. I continued using the detergent until I ran out. I have to say, I am impressed! Rockin' Green got my diapers thoroughly clean, and I haven't had and stink or build up issues! We prefer the Soft Rock in this house because my babe has a sensitive bottom, but I tested the Classic Rock on some of my clothes and it worked just as great!


Ingredients: sodium carbonate , sodium percarbonate, sodium citrate, sodium sulfate,  surfactants, fragrance oils (if scented is chosen)

Things We ❤ about Rockin' Green
- Made of safe, phosphate-free ingredients. So it's safe for the planet and gentler your little ones.
- Free of dyes, enzymes, whiteners, and brighteners. 
- Works with both front and top loading machines
- SLS and animal by-product free
- Biodegradable
- Made by a WAHM!

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