Cloud B Dozy Dolphin On The Go Review

Elijah has always been a really good sleeper, I'm convinced it's because we co-sleep. He does occasionally have his nights where he tosses and turns or wakes up easily if I am not right next to him, so I started searching for a solution to these nights. This is how I came across Cloud B.

Cloud B was generous enough to send me their Dozy Dolphin On The Go for review. The Dozy Dolphin On The Go is part of the Cloud B Endangered Species Series which helps bring awareness to our animal friends who are at risk of endangerment. A portion of all purchases from this series will go to Conservation International, so you can feel good about your purchase! I love companies that give, especially if it's to help save our animals!

The Dozy Dolphin came with a little booklet that told the story of Dozy Dolphin, all about bamboo fabric and it's benefits, an adoption certificate, and all about different species of dolphins. It's a fun read and a nice little keepsake for your little one.

I love the fact that the Dozy Dolphin is made with bamboo fibers. Bamboo is environmentally safe, friendly, and 100% biodegradable. Bamboo is also super soft making this dolphin very huggable!

Some other benefits of bamboo from the booklet:

° Bamboo grows abundantly without the need for pesticides or fertilizers
° Plush toys made from bamboo are highly durable
° Bamboo fabric has natural protection against UV rays, so it will not fade over the years
° Bamboo is hypo-allergenic, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-static.

The Dozy Dolphin has 4 sound settings: dolphins playing, whale songs, tranquil melody, and ocean waves. The Dozy Dolphin also has two timer settings of 23 and 45 minutes so you don't have to worry about turning the sound off.

We used the dolphin mostly at night, but also used it for some play time. My son loves it and the white noise seems to help him sleep a bit better on those fussy nights! I love it too, I turned it on one night when I was having trouble sleeping and the ocean waves helped relax me.

We love the Dozy Dolphin. It's great for play AND sleep, some of the money goes towards a good cause, and it's made with a wonderful eco-friendly fabric.

Visit the Cloud B website at http://www.cloudb.com

Disclaimer: I did not receive payment in any form for this review.
I did receive a sample of the product or service for testing and review purposes. This will in no way sway my opinion of the product or service. The review is in my own words and is my own opinion. Your results and opinion may differ.


A Baby Peach said...

We have a Sleep Sheep by them that we love :) However...have you heard anything about the new findings about bamboo products?? Bum Genius is discontinuing their bamboo diapers b/c they are finding that bamboo has to be so highly processed and with so many chemicals that is pretty much makes it the furthest thing from eco friendly and takes away all it's great antibacterial properties, etc. It's a big mess in the industry at the moment. I actually planned to blog about this tonight as I LOVE Kicky Pants bamboo clothes, but won't be buying them anymore.

Jessica Lyn. said...

Oh no! I hadn't heard about that, but I am going to go look it up eight now.
Do you think the organic bamboo is ok?

A Baby Peach said...

Hmm I hadn't thought of organic bamboo.I wonder how that works- is it just the bamboo that is grown organically that makes it so they can say that (in which case the same issues arises with allthe chemicals) or is it labeled organic b/c there are no other chemicals,e tc? I will have to look into it!

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