Kushies Ultra Lite Diaper Review + Coupon code

Kushies was originally established as Diana Dolls Wear Ltd. in 1953 by Mary Milanowski.  They become the only Canadian manufacturer of doll clothing and accessories. Mary retired in 1987 and the company was purchased in 1988 by Susan Malinowski and Sam Perez, They decided to focus on the infant children's market with the main focus on a reusable form fitting cloth diaper. They named the line Kooshies.
Kooshies went on to become increasingly popular winning many awards and recognition. Since 1990 Kooshies had grown to become a market leader in more than 35 countries.
Eventually in 2003 the spelling of the name was changed to Kushies after a long opposition with a company in the United States.
Kushies is owned and operated in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

I'll admit, I was really skeptical of this diaper upon receiving it. I could have probably gone with the infant size, but Elijah is on the cusp so I usually go for the larger since I will get more use out of it. I tested this diaper on a 6.5 month old 22lb. boy, since every baby is different you might get different results with this diaper, this review is just my experience.

Fit: This diaper is a little on the bulkier side. They only offer two sizes for the Ultra Lite diaper, infant and toddler. The infant size is for 10-22lbs. and the toddler size 22-45lbs. Since Elijah is 22lbs. I chose to review to toddler size, but in reality I could have gone with the infant size. The toddler size is a bit big for my son, mostly around the leg openings. The infant size would have probably been a perfect fit.

Ease of use: The Ultra Lite diaper is an all in one diaper, which means all you have to do it just put it on your baby! This diaper has a waterproof outer layer,  layers of flannel inside, and a built in stuffable flap for extra absorbency. All in one diapers are the most like disposable diapers, and perfect for babysitters or day care (or dad!).

Performance: We tested this diaper during the day, since it's a bit large for Eli I shied away from night testing. During the day it was great, I didn't experience any leaks. Unfortunately we didn't get to test it with anything other than pee yet, but I will update this post as soon as we do!

Value: The Ultra Lite infant diapers are $12.49 and the toddler diapers are $13.99. These diapers are economically priced for all in one diapers. The more you buy, the more you save. You can buy an infant 5 pack for $60.99 or a toddler 5 pack for $68.99. It's definitely a good value if you are looking for all in one diapers.

Conclusion: This diaper is satisfactory. It's not my favorite diaper that I have ever tried, but it does the job that it's made to do! There are a few things that could be better about the diaper, I think it should have elastic in the back to prevent any kinds of top leaks, and I wish the hook and loop tabs were able to cross over for a better fit around the waist. Other than that everything does it's job. The color options are nice, and the price is a good deal.

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment in any form for this review.
I did receive a sample of the product or service for testing and review purposes. This will in no way sway my opinion of the product or service. The review is in my own words and is my own opinion. Your results and opinion may differ.

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