Happy birthday to me!

It's been pretty low key. Birthdays are just another day as you get older. I got some breakfast tacos and an iced coffee for breakfast and a burrito and cucumber salad from one of my favorite places, Mr. Natural. Other than that I have been relaxing and watching Lost all day. I got an edible arrangements fruit basket from my aunts and uncles, some money, all the fabric and sewing supplies I bought a couple months ago were my birthday present from Jason, and I am getting a Wii soon. So all in all it's been a pretty good birthday.

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I recently got some products from this great company, Wildroot Botanicals. They are based out of Bellingham, WA. They use only organic, fair trade, and wildcrafted ingredients. I love everything I got from them but two products that I really love a lot so far is the Geranium Skin Creme and the Arnica Muscle Rub.

You might have previously read that I have a bad left shoulder from my last surgery (to remove lymph nodes in my neck from cancer) so I was super excited to get the Arnica Muscle Rub. I only got it a couple days ago but I have been getting a ton of use out of it and it's great, it really seems to be helping the soreness. The Geranium Skin Creme has also come in handy because my skin has been really dry. I'm excited to try some more of their stuff soon!

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heyfreckles said...

Happy Birthday! I know it was low key but you are loved and taken care of so that is what counts! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

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