A Trying Time In Baby Land

If you have a baby then you will either be where we are now, or you have already been here, depending on your little ones age. Elijah is almost 7 months old (wow, seriously!?) and he's teething full force now. I finally got a peek inside his mouth (he usually covers his gums up with his tongue when I try to look so it's hard to see) and both the top and bottom gums are swollen. I think we might be getting 4 teeth at once. Hopefully they poke through soon so he feels better (and me too, teething is making mommy tired).

I moved the mattress to the floor so Elijah wouldn't end up falling off. Well, today it happened. He face planted right of the bed. Today was the first day he cried tears of pain. It was so awful! Luckily he only fell about 5 inches. He's normally really good about crawling off the bed, I guess he just forgot to put his arms first!

Oncologist on Friday. I will be telling him that I am not going to do the interferon treatment. I'm sure that means I will have a body scan coming up. Hopefully it's only good news from here on out!

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