The Partial Cloth Diaper Stash!

Pockets + All In Ones
Row 1 top to bottom: Jellybean Baby AIO, gDiapers, gDiapers, Rumparooz G2, Rumparooz G2, Lollidoo Overnight
Row 2 is all bumGenius OS Pockets
Row 3 top to bottom: Kushies Ultra Lite, Imse Vimse Organic AIO, Preston's Pants PUL OS, Preston's Pants Breathable Fleece, Happy Heiny's OS, Thirstie's Duo Diaper


 Row 1 top to bottom: Little Owls Fitted, Little Owls Fitted, DiapeyDoo Diaper, Swaddlebees Hemp, Swaddlebees Organic Bamboo Velour, Swaddlebees Organic Bamboo Velour
Row 2 top to bottom: Swaddlebees Organic Bamboo Velour, Swaddlebees Organic Bamboo Velour, Oh, Naturel, Thirstie's Fab Fitted, Thirstie's Fab Fitted, bumGenius Bamboo, bumGenius Bamboo
Row 3 top to bottom: Little Beetle's Original, Little Beetle's Original, Bella Bottoms, Little Owls Fitted, Little Owls Fitted, Little Owls Fitted, Prefold turned into fitted

PUL, Wool & Extra Inserts

2 pairs fleece longies, Little Owls Wool Interlock Longies, Little Owls Wool Interlock Soaker, Imse Vimse Bumpy Wool Cover, Swaddlebees Wool Cover, 3 Thirstie's Pul Covers, 2 Bummi's Whisper Wraps, 2 Prorap Covers

Total diapers shown: 38
Missing: 3 bumGenius OS pockets, 1 Rumparooz G2, and 15 Preston's Pants (custom order being shipped soon!).
Total stash: 57 (that's obsession territory!)


Jen M said...

Jealous! I only have about 25 and I am obsessed! Do you keep those in the bedroom? Is that where you do most diaper changes?

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

I love it


Annie Valentine said...

It is impossible to get a picture of my entire stash! I have one CD on each boy and always a few in various diaper bags! Great photos. Thanks for sharing :)

AmyMusings said...

I wish they made these when mine were babies!! So cute!

Ida Mae said...

haha! Yep, jealous! There is always room for ONE more diaper, isn't there?

~Ida Mae

Jessica Lyn. said...

@Jen - I do keep them in the bedroom! Eli sleeps in bed with me and I have the changing table in here with one of those plastic drawer units next to the changing table that I store the diapers in.

@Ida - One more... or 15 more! I could buy one diaper every day and feel ok about it (if I had that kind of money!)

A Baby Peach said...

Oh I am jealous! That is a fun stash. Mine is boring, but I can't justify spending more money, right now esp, on new diapers...but there are so many I want! haha Eli has one happy bum!

Lauren said...

I have almost that many but mine are not nearly so cool! Which is your favorite for overnite? My 4.5 month old keeps waking up wet. I'm starting to get really desperate! Any recommendations??
We are using a pocket diaper with 2 inserts right now.....

Jessica Lyn. said...

@Lauren - I really like the LolliDoo overnight diaper. My son feels totally dry even though the inserts are soaked, and no leaks!

ashley said...

i think the little owls are my favorite for looks! you make such beautiful, soft looking diapers.

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