Abeego Flats Review

I've been making a conscious effort to stop using as many disposable and plastic items as I can. One of those disposable items that gets used a lot is plastic wrap. Plastic wrap is so wasteful! Use once then throw away. Unfortunately plastic wrap is not recycleable so every time you use it you are generating waste, and of course plastic is not biodegradable. 
Most plastic wraps are made from polyethylene, PVC, or PVDC. In a previous article I wrote about the dangers of PVC. Why would I put something on my food if I won't even put it in my bathroom!? These polymers are all derived from hydrocarbons such as methane or ethylene. These are produced from natural gas or petroleum. Petroleum is not good, and I could write about it forever, but that's another post for another day. The sum of this is that plastic wrap is bad.
In my search to find a more eco-friendly solution to plastic wrap I came across Abeego Designs.

Abeego products are natural and eco-friendly, made from organic hemp/cotton and infused with beeswax and plant extracts to make them moldable and water resistant. They are super easy to clean, just use cold soap and water! Abeego has three different products available: Abeego Wrap, Abeego Snack, and Abeego Flats. I was given the opportunity to review the Abeego Flats. 

Abeego Flats come in 6, 9, and 12-inch squares so they will fit an assortment of bowls and foods. The woman behind Abeego, Toni, told me that they worked great on avocado. I tried it out and she was right! I've used them for bowls, veggies, and to cover a strawberry cake I made (yum!). I haven't tried it with cheese yet but I want to. We always put our cheese in plastic baggies and since we're ditching those too I need to find a new alternative. I will definitely report back once I do try these flats on cheese.
A set of flats retails for $20 and will pay for itself in the long run!

Visit Abeego to buy some eco-friendly food storage products for yourself!


Winkydinks said...

ooh, I hadn't seen these before, I'm curious how they work on cheese too, I need a solution for that. Right now we store it in a glass pyrex with a lid, but it's cumbersome. Thanks for posting this review!

Maria said...

Popping in from FF!


Your blog looks like it's right up my alley!

Anonymous said...

I have been using Abeego product for over a year now, and I have to say that they work GREAT for cheese! I too used to put plastic baggies over my block of cheese. Even with that after about a week or so the corners would get hard and crusty. Not with Abeego...the cheese stays fresh for what seems like forever. I'm happy to report that I haven't bought plastic wrap for a whole year!!! Thanks Abeego!

ashley said...

oh man this is SUCH A PERFECT IDEA for cheese. i love it. i may actually invest in some of these.

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