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I feel like I haven't written forever, it's really only been a couple days. Things are still a little rough over here. Eli is feeling better, I don't think he was teething though. I did some internet searching and I am pretty sure he had a mild case of roseola. Roseola is an acute disease of infants and children in which a high fever and rosy red rash occur. I think this is what it was because as soon as Eli's fever went down he got a rosy rash on his chest and stomach, and was still a little irritable.The treatment for roseola is pretty much to let it run it's course. Generally a child's fever will last for about 3 days, Eli's only lasted for a day and a half, and I made sure to nurse him as much as possible. Sick babies, no fun!
You know what else is no fun? Falling babies! Elijah falls at least once a day now, and that's with me watching and with him every second! It happens out of nowhere and it happens to fast to stop it. So, we've got some bumps and bruises, but I guess that's what happens when babies just want to pull up and stand up all the time! 
I got a huge wooden play area for Eli. I hate play yards, they just look like baby prisons to me, but I had to get one. There's just too much stuff for Elijah to get into and too much stuff that he can probably get hurt on or by. So, wooden play yard it is. It really is huge, I can lay down in it! Now, it might take some getting used to, but he doesn't like it. If he's in the play yard then he will start crying, if I take him out and put him on the floor outside of it he's fine. He's also fine if I sit inside it with him. I think he's going through some separation anxiety right now, so when it seems like he can't get to me he freaks out. I'm ok with holding him and being with him all the time, but I do need free hands sometimes!
I am in the process of changing my cloth diaper co. name to Little Owl Bums, I'd like to keep it separate from this blog. On top of sewing diapers I am starting a graphic/web design business. It's called Fawn and Doe design and you can go look at my coming soon page at http://fawnanddoe.com, you should become my facebook fan too!


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Mamma Pie said...

Wow! You're busy. Little Berry had a very mild case of Roseola this winter but then got a yucky persistent cold afterwards that took forever to go away. I like "little owl bums" and would still be happy to put your logo up on my blog whenever you get a chance to make it. No pressure..I just would be pleased to be associated with your coolitude :D

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