Craft time!

I recently started having the urge to make some cute plush toys with wool felt, fabric, and some hand embroidery. The other day I finally ordered some stuff from Etsy to play around with.
Gorgeous wool felt in the following colors:

and 72 skeins of embroidery thread!

I can't wait for these things to get here! I also have an insane amount of synthetic fleece that I ordered on a whim during an online Black Friday sale. I made a few pairs of baby pants with them, but I like working with wool for wearable items a lot more, so I might as well use the fleece to make some cute toys!

I've been looking at some Japanese craft books on Etsy too, I might have to invest in a few. Like this super cute embroidery one:

I could post the amazing cuteness all day but I'll spare you. Go to Etsy and search for Japanese craft books, there is some amazing stuff from toys and baby and kids clothes to super pretty dresses and adult clothing bags and accessories. New obsession!


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Ida Mae said...

wow, you are making me want to get crafty too!

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