O-Wool Mattress Pad Review

Oh, wool (and O~Wool!), you've done it again. You've already convinced me that you're the fiber of all fibers, but you've introduced a new wool product to me that I love!

Behold, the organic wool mattress pad.

"The Australian Merinos raised at Plevna Downs (one of the stations where O~Wool is produced) are some of the finest sheep in the world. The organic outback provides a sustainable environment for the Merinos to graze and flourish. For every garment made with O~Wool™ between two and three acres of the outback are sustained under organic management. For our customers this means supporting thousands of acres of organic
outback each year by making clothing from O~Wool."
You spend many hours out of the day, and your lifetime, in bed. If you're like me sometimes you even hang out on your bed, and if you co-sleep then your baby sleeps in your bed with you. I would absolutely love to buy a new natural, organic mattress, but right now that's just not in the budget. I need a new mattress, but I refuse to buy one until I can get one that I know isn't going to harm me or my family with toxic chemicals. The next best thing is something that covers your mattress, a mattress pad! I needed something that was going to cover my mattress but it was also important that it was water resistant, antibacterial, organic, and natural. Of course wool is all of those qualities and then some! I was lucky to be sent this O~Wool Organic Mattress Pad to test out and review. I am so happy with this mattress pad. I noticed such a difference the night that I put it on. It was pretty chilly for a few days recently and it helped keep Elijah and I warm when we slept, another added bonus since I can't really cover Elijah up with a ton of blankets.
With this mattress pad I am no longer worried about the rare diaper leak, or if I get breast milk on the bed at night, because I know the mattress pad will keep it from getting into the mattress and getting yucky. Big plus there! 
This mattress pad is made with super soft, organic wool. It's amazing, I love O~Wool! It has straps on each corner to hold the mattress pad in place and it's thin enough that your sheets will still fit over it.

The Organic O~Wool Mattress Pads start out at $140 for a twin size and go up to a California King size for $224. They also offer a crib sized organic wool mattress pad for $72 and a puddle pad for $45.

Get your very own Organic O~Wool Mattress Pad here


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ashley said...

wow. this looks so comfy and safe and soft and protective... man. i wish this was a giveaway and not just a review!

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