Boo Boo Drops Pre-Orders

I am accepting pre-orders for the Boo Boo Drops. Please send an email to ohdearjessica (at) gmail (dot) com with how many drops you would like and your fabric choice(s) (make sure you include the number). Each drop is natural in color and comes with one cover. That is $12. You can purchase additional covers for $5 each. All proceeds are going to my doula training workshop and certification fund!



A Baby Peach said...

Those are really cute fabrics and I love your idea! I have something similar (totally different shape) and I have always wanted to make one myself out of organic cotton so Lucas can snuggle with it when need be. Now you've inspired me to try one for him :)

Riggslacey said...

I am totally going to order one of these on payday. I just can't right now. Do we get to pick a fabric?

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