Future Endeavors

When I was pregnant I did some research on becoming a doula. That whole idea was put on hold while I had to deal with things like newborn baby, cancer, and divorce, but now that things are settling down a bit I am revisiting the idea.

I am going to go through DONA International. To become a doula there are a bunch of requirements. I have to read 5 books from the required reading list (I am getting 2 of them soon which I am excited for, I traded some credit for cloth diapers for them!), attend a doula training workshop, become a member on DONA International and purchase the certification packet, complete a breastfeeding basics or lactation course (there's one online that I am going to do), attend a childbirth class as a non-expecting parent, attend 3 births and document them (and have the care providers fill out some forms to tell how you did), and finally, write an essay on the value and purpose of labor support. There are some other little things, but once you purchase the certification packet you have 2 years to complete everything. There is a doula training workshop here in October that I am going to try to save up for. It's $375, you need to put a $100 minimum deposit down and the rest is due by the first day of the workshop. I am hesitant to put a deposit down because I am not sure if I can actually come up with that money by then, but I have time some time to register so the next couple of months will be devoted to trying to save some money for that!

I think becoming a doula will be an amazing experience. I didn't have one at my birth but the extra support would have been wonderful. Doula's can not only be your support system but they can help your partner be more active in support, sometimes partners forget what to do or need a little nudge. If I ever have another baby down the road I will definitely have a doula.

In order to save I will be coming up with a few new products to sell aside from cloth diapers. The one that I am working on now is called a Boo Boo Drop. It's based off of the stuffed raindrops I was making. I sent one in an order that I recently shipped out and the mama's son came up with the name Boo Boo Drop after colliding with his brother. Kids come up with the best names, don't they!? The Boo Boo Drop is in the shape of a raindrop and filled with organic rice. You can put it in the freezer or microwave it for a few seconds and use it on any bumps, bruises, or sore spots. I am going to be making the drops themselves out of the same organic, natural colored fabrics that I use to make diapers with and I will be making covers for them. The drops are not washable because of the rice but the covers will be! 



Annie Valentine said...

AWWWWWESOME!!! Love that booboodrop!

Ida Mae said...

i love the idea. and will want one! also I have been NEEDING one of those long ones you draper on your shoulders.. can you make one of those?
~Ida Mae @treeswillbend.com

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