A Green & Clean Kitchen

I have a ton of fabric scraps and no idea what to do with all of them. I probably have at least two trash bags full of scraps! All sizes, big and little. I was trying to think of what I could use some scraps for and I came up with a great idea, kitchen wipes! 

I stopped using paper towels a long time ago, I use rags now for cleaning and cloth napkins for eating. Sometimes I really just need something quick and convenient (and all natural) to clean up a mess or a spill. Quick and convenient is especially important now that I have an almost one year old running around. 

I cut a bunch of rectangular pieces of organic cotton fleece, rolled them up, and put them into a glass mason jar. I then mixed one cup of warm water, a couple squirts of some Dr. Bronner's, and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. I poured the cleaning mixture over the towels, covered, and shook it up.

Luckily my counter needed some cleaning so I got to try one out. Perfect! I used a bit too much soap with this batch so I will use less next time, but it's a great green cleaning solution! You don't have to limit it to the kitchen, keep a jar in the bathroom or any other room in your house where you might need a quick clean up. 
Once your towels are gone you can do a quick wash and fill them up again (or keep another supply on hand so you can refill while you wash)!



Jenn said...

love the mason jar idea...might use an old pasta sauce jar for mine, but this is a great idea

Nancy said...

What a great idea!

To make the jar decorative, you could add a thin recycled ribbon around the neck of the jar or you could tie a long very thin strip of leftover fabric tied in a bow for a "ribbon" look-alike! Or, a simple and unadorned look is good, too!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

TheGirl said...

I'm wondering how this project is going, are you still keeping up wit it? these are the things i always want to do but never follow through or they fall by the wayside and i end up reverting. anyway, let us know!

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