I Feel Wonderful

I feel inspired, I'm not talking about crafts here, I'm talking about emotional stimulation. I feel light, happy, giddy, refreshed, magical.
This past week I've been thinking a lot about the past, the future, and the present. I've thought about all the relationships that I've built, friendship and otherwise, all of the places I've been able to see, all the things I have been able to experience. It's almost overwhelming, but it's the type of overwhelming that I can handle. This kind of overwhelming seems trivial compared to the shit that's been handed to me in the past year.
I feel OK. I feel better than OK. I think I've managed to come to terms with Austin. It's not my favorite place in the whole world, but it's not the worst. I think it will be OK, I can feel good things for the future.
You only get one chance at life. One chance. Make it the best that you possibly can. Don't spend your one chance being miserable or unhappy. Do something. Live your life. It's a privilege not a right. Don't ever second guess yourself. If you want to say something then say it, if you want to do something then do it, if you want to love then love with all of your heart. Do everything like it's the last thing you will ever do. The last kiss, the last smile, the last hug.
Not everything in life is meant to be, and that's OK. My marriage wasn't meant to be. That's OK. Other things just happen. Cancer just happens. You know what? That's OK. Just because it happens doesn't make it the end, it's the beginning. My life is just starting and it's going to be amazing.



ashley said...

wow. what an awesome post! it made me grin, thanks for sharing the magic :-)

Tami said...

i agree! thank you for reminding me :)

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