Life has been hectic lately

Finding the time to update my blog has been moved to the bottom of my ever growing list. I love writing and wish I could do it more, but the life of a single mother is harder than I could have ever expected. I always had a lot of respect for single mothers, but it wasn't until I became one that I knew just how hard it was. 

So, #1 on my list of things I have to do? Find an apartment. This one is going to be really hard because no matter what way I look at it, I have no money. Luckily for the past 3 months I have drawn up patterns for several different things to make including Boo Boo drops, baby blankets & quilts, baby pants, reusable snack bags. I'm only now just starting to get around to making these things because I have been so backed up with orders. I've been working my ass off to try to make enough money to survive on my own. I'm glad I have sewing. It's been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and I have been doing it for over 12 years now. I've put a ton of work into this business that I have been building, and it's finally starting to pay off. I am hoping that my business will continue to grow and expand because this has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I guess #2 is in there on my list. My business. I finally made a pair of wide leg baby pants that I have been waiting to make for months. I've had this pattern drawn forever and I finally had an open night where all my orders were filled, so I got to work. I'm still working on perfecting them and coming up with the perfect waistband, but they are my favorite things ever. I'm currently working on a pattern for mama pads to. This one is probably going to take a little while to come up with. 
#3 on my list is dealing with the finalization of my divorce. This is the shitty part, the part that everyone fights about. No one can ever agree on anything. I have to basically rewrite the entire decree and add change things around and resubmit it as a counterproposal, then we go to court on Sept. 15th.

My real #1 though, is being a mom to Eli. I am trying to cherish these moments that I get to spend with him all day because I never know when I won't be able to do it anymore. Being a single mom means I might have to start working out of the house, at least part time, and that means I will miss out on being with Eli a lot. I've been slacking on everything lately, my dishes don't get washed, the laundry sits on the couch for days, just so I can spend the day with my babe.


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Tami said...

you know what? i have been following your blog for a while and i want you to know how inspiring you are. you are doing a great job raising your child even when all the odds are against you. keep on truckin sister!

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