The blog that fell by the wayside

Talk about being a busy mama. I just haven't been able to blog, so much other stuff has been going on.

My divorce is finally final. As stressful as it is to have to start figuring stuff out like health insurance, I am relieved to finally be officially not married. The night that it was final I went out with some friends to celebrate. I've been a lot more social lately, which is nice. I like getting out of the house. I've been reconnecting with old friends that I just hadn't talked to in forever and I even went dancing the other night!

I found an apartment and I move in on September 27th. It's a 950 sq. foot 1 bedroom apartment, which means I don't have to have a roommate. I was kind of stressing out about the whole roommate thing. The apartment is in an amazing neighborhood, and the apartment I found is about $300/mo cheaper than every other 1 bedroom in that area. There's room for my sewing stuff that is separate from the bedroom or living room, which is awesome cause my sewing area is definitely not baby friendly. It's in a super central location and I can either walk or bike downtown if I wanted to, and I can walk to Whole Foods, Pease Park, some swimming pools, and other fun stuff. 

Eli is awesome. He's growing up so fast. In 4 days he will be 14 months old. Seriously, where has this past year gone!?


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Ana B said...

Glad things are working out, hope you find a job soon!

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