Are you serious?

Nice. Jason says to me "I think you need to start exercising more" - of course this offends me. I'm sorry, but you try being fucking pregnant and exercising every day.
This resulted in an argument. I told Jason it would be nice if instead of tell me what I should be doing and not criticize me about exercising or not "eating right" (I don't eat meat, I don't eat any processed foods) he should tell me how much he appreciates me and how good I'm doing, so he replied "Good at doing what? Laying around the house all day?"
Are you fucking kidding me? So of course I started crying, and I'm really super mad, how insensitive is that? I'm really glad he thinks I just lay around the house all day. I'd like to see him be fucking pregnant. I did so much laying around the house the other day when I worked on cleaning out the spare room and switching the closets, and doing the shit I've been asking him to help me do.
So I was crying, they I yelled at him. Then we're arguing, and then he told me to stop being so selfish.
Real fucking nice.

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elin said...

I completely sympathize with you! My husband has been the same and it irritates me sooo much!! I mentioned to him that he gets to leave work behind and blah blah blah but that being pg is a 24/7 job and harder than he will ever know! I'm sorry that Jason is being a bit of an ass. Does he have any daddy books that could give him some insight? I find that they help my husband understand more about what I'm going through.

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