9 long weeks and 5 long days left (not to mention I will probably be 2 weeks late)

You take things for granted until you can't do them, like breathe! If I could get a few really good breaths in right now I would be content. Maybe I am trying too hard but damn, baby sure is pushing on that diaphragm.
I have been having trouble sleeping lately, not falling asleep until 3 or 4am, and then I get woken up at around 7am by the baby. The movements are just getting more intense, I feel like I am going to wake up one day and there's just going to be a baby that's sitting on the bed waving and not even in my uterus anymore!
The baby's room in painted, yay! Jason painted it. My back has been killing me and I ended up sleeping for several hours yesterday because of the pain, and he got the whole room finished. I will take pictures at some point. It's really pretty green! Now I can start gathering random things to decorate it with, slowly. I used to want the room finished right away, but now I'd rather take my time getting it just right. I mean, I have so much time before I am actually going to use it! It will be a fun little project. After we get a car we can get the dresser and rug, but right now car is the most important thing. Gotta be able to get the baby home somehow!
I put the co-sleeper together and it's perfect. Perfect size, perfect color, and perfect height! We'll surely be able to use it for 6 months at least! It looks smaller in the store but once it's next to our bed it's great. I like how portable it is too, setting it up took like 5 minutes. Good if we ever need to travel, I'm sure at some point we will go to OK with the baby.
I believe our baby shower is going to be around May 24th. I have to talk to my friend who is throwing it for us. It's going to be a casual unisex cookout type deal with veggie fajitas (yum!) and a bunch of yummy snacks. More details as they come!
I had a small 6oz. (I'm guessing it was 6oz.) cup of beer last night and it was delicious.

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