Rainy days and 30 weeks

Well, it's not really that rainy, I wish it was though! We have had a few sprinkles on and off, and a couple rumbles of thunder. I love the rain when it's warm out, and we just need rain! I want that Greenbelt to fill on up so I can go there and hang out and swim. By the time it does I probably won't want to go anymore. I plan on going to one of the pools soon. Deep Eddy is open for recreational swim every day. That will be in my near future.
I had my first braxton hicks contraction last night. It was pretty weird! We were at the grocery store and my stomach just got rock hard and tight for a minute.
I bought a birth ball. I'll tell you, sitting on it is really awesome. You can't NOT sit straight. It's good for pelvic tilts also. Pelvic tilts are easy anyway, but they are even easier when you are doing them on a birth ball. I definitely think that purchase was good, and I will get a lot of use out of it in these last 10 weeks, and I will certainly get a lot of use out of it when I am in labor.
This weekend we will be painting the baby's bedroom. At some point soon we're going to get a dresser, there is one that I want at Ikea, but I am still scouring craigslist for the perfect one. I found a rug that I am in love with and I really want to get it for the room. It's $150 which is a good price for a big rug, and it's super soft. Other than those two things we really only need a rocking chair. I was thinking about a glider, but I don't like all of the exposed gliding parts, and little hands can get caught in them, that freaks me out. I like the idea of an antique wooden rocker and making custom cushions for it in a fabric that I love.
We got a baby bathtub and a bouncy chair from our friend. Having the bouncy chair will be nice sometimes, but I feel like I won't use it all that much. I am a firm believer in babywearing and I will be wearing my baby or holding my baby almost all of the time. This is why I am not getting a swing, I don't see the point of one for me. And no pacifiers! I've been reading a lot about attachment parenting and that is what I will be doing.

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