emotional signposts of pregnancy

The 3rd trimester = I am reaching the end of my rope. Pregnancy has been the biggest emotional roller coaster that I have ever been on, and I have been on some big roller coasters in my life. It's like the emotional signposts of labor actually start during pregnancy. First, I was excited. Yay! I'm pregnant, that means I am going to have a baby! It's going to be so much fun, I feel great. Then all of a sudden the mean evil monster of all day sickness rears it's ugly head and I feel miserable for a few weeks. Suddenly it's not so fun and exciting anymore and all I am doing is praying that I will wake up and not feel sick, and that Jason won't be making salsa today.
Finally the sickness goes away and my evil twin makes an appearance. The irrational, bitchy twin that no one likes, she's mean! luckily this one isn't constant, and doesn't last forever, but she makes a grand entrance several times. Finally it becomes the peaceful, relaxed with this whole pregnancy, otherwise known as the 'I feel normal' stage. You can do normal, every day stuff like make dinner, clean the house, watch tv, stay up late, go out and have fun. It's like you aren't even pregnant. You even stay out until 1am one night! It's like a weight has lifted and suddenly pregnancy is great again! But alas, this stage can't last forever. you creep into the 3rd trimester and you start the painful stage. Your back starts hurting, your legs are sore. You have to plan going to the grocery store with resting points so you can sit down and catch your breath (which is getting hard to do), you are starting to get tired again earlier than you were before. This stage goes on for a little while, and doesn't seem to completely end (but a heating pad sure does help) and then you get the self-doubt stage. The mini emotional breakdown because you can't do this anymore. You cannot be pregnant for one second longer.
Yes folks, I reached that self doubt stage the other night. Luckily it seems to be over for now, but it's still hard. This pregnancy thing is NO JOKE, and the thrid trimester, well it's the worst one yet.
I can do this, 10.5 more weeks.

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TheGirl said...

home stretch lady, remember when you were just 10 weeks pregnant! now that is all the time you have left.

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