60 days left

Yay for a short burst of energy! Jason and I were talking about rearranging our living room the other day, so today I took it upon myself to do it. It opened it up a lot more, which is good, we could use the 'space'!
We looked at some houses online last night. Hopefully we will be able to fix this place up a little and move into a bigger place in a year! There were a lot of houses that were almost 2,000 sq feet for really good prices. So that's exciting! It will be wonderful to have that much room and 3+ bedrooms, maybe even 4 so I can get a sewing/craft room, I did see quite a few 4 bedrooms.
Last night I had to rig our bed and my nightstand so I could sleep comfortably, I had to push the nightstand against the wall, then push the bed up against the nightstand and put a pillow at an angle so it was like a wedge and could keep me propped up. I've tried using my body pillow, but it's just not practical. The only way I could use the body pillow in our full sized bed is if Jason slept on the couch, and it's really just not that comfortable for me, I like wedging a regular pillow under my belly, it's really the only thing that is comfortable. We've been using the body pillow across the top of the bed as a regular pillow. I do love it and wish I could use it, but at least we are getting some use out of it!
My next big project is to tackle anything that is in the form of a pile and put it somewhere. We need more storage. Jason needs a big junk cabinet so he can keep his piles there. Too much stuff sitting on shelves = too much dust. Dust = bad for babies! I'm sure it will all get done, I mean it has too. If anything I'll be in labor and doing last minute cleaning to make sure it gets done before baby gets here!
I made a list the other night of stuff we need and I broke it up into 3 sections. Section 1 is stuff we need to get asap, section 2 is stuff we should get before baby is here but can wait until after if necessary, and section 3 can wait until after baby is here.
- Car
- Some cloth diapers, we will get the rest right after baby is born so we make sure we get the right sizes and kinds for our baby!
- Cloth wipes and 1 pack of natural disposable wipes for the car
- Waterproof pads for co-sleeper
- Diaper sprayer
- Depends, chux pads, rescue remedy cream, jojoba oil, witch hazel, and cotton rounds for me postpartum
- Breast pump - I go back and forth on this one. We could probably wait until after baby because I need to establish my milk supply before I even pump. If I need to pump before baby to get labor going I could probably use the manual one, hopefully I won't be needing to do that. If that doesn't work we could probably just go pick one up.


- Rocking chair
- Stroller
- Extra sheets for co-sleeper
- Spout cover for bath tub


- Dresser
- Rug (we might get this earlier if we get any Target gift cards)
- Electric outlet plus, safety hooks for cabinets and drawers - realistically we don't need these until crawling starts
- Herbal remedies for babies (things for colds, fevers, etc.)

And that's about it! The list isn't too long, and it's easier when broken up into sections like that. I'm all about not filling my house with items that I do not need, especially things people insist you need for babies but really, you don't. I bought a couple bottles, two to be exact, but I will probably not be using them at all. I really don't want to mess up my babies latch if I don't have to, so I will only be using bottles if it's really an emergency or necessary.

Next up besides de-cluttering and de-piling our house is freezer meals. We need to start making these in the next few weeks!

Ok, I have to finish the living room so I can get some rest!

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