8 weeks and 1 day left

Pet peeve: I wish people would RSVP already to our baby shower. The e-vites got sent out over a week ago. While there is still a little over 2 weeks left until the baby shower it would be nice to know how many people will be there or won't be there! This happens to everyone though. People love to not RSVP.
Another pet peeve: My mother purchased the stroller from our registry. If you don't know any back history of why my mother has done then you will probably think I am stupid for being pissed about this. I don't really want to get into it right now so just trust me, it's not a good thing.

I have been having super weird dreams at night. They will go away for weeks and then come back even weirder. Last night I had a dream that I was walking down the street and I found a novel on the sidewalk and a knife in a bin next to it, I picked both of them up and was walking to my car across the street. There was a very weird, large man who was following the only other person on that side of the street, when this weird man saw me he stopped following the other person and tried to attack me. Since I had the knife I had found in the bin I used it and ended up slitting his throat in self defense because he pulled out a knife of me. This didn't do anything so I ended up cutting him until he couldn't attack me anymore. I then found out that the knife I used was someone elses murder weapon. Then I woke up. Totally weird. After that I fell back asleep for a bit and had a dream about my baby, I woke up and had to feel my stomach to make sure m bump was still there. For some reason it feels smaller lately. I measured it and it's not smaller at all. I think that in the morning it just feels small because the baby has settled in and I haven't eaten or drank anything all night. I probably have also gotten used to the bump being there and it doesn't feel like such an extra extension anymore.

Class tonight. After this one we have two left, and then the one that we have to make up that we missed last week due to my migraine. It's weird to think that we will only have 6 weeks left once the classes are over. Time is flying by, yet it's also going slow.

My stomach is doing some seriously weird things right now, and my heartburn is getting bad.

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