I had a great appointment today! Much different from the last one with the student midwife. I'm glad she's not there anymore because she just rubbed me the wrong way and left me hanging wondering what the hell was going on with me and what was normal or not normal. But today I had a midwife I haven't seen yet, she's only been at the practice for 3 months, but she was super sweet, she talked to me a lot and told me how great I was doing and how great baby is doing and that everything is perfect. She answered all my questions and then some. I am measuring at 31.5 weeks, I will take that for what it's worth which is not so much, just that baby is growing properly in there. I asked her if she could tell me what way baby was facing so she started feeling around for a bit, she started to tell me that the baby was still sitting but as she was telling me that and feeling my stomach the baby slipped into place head down. That must be what s/he was doing last night when he was preventing me from sleeping, the movements were pretty intense. So baby will most likely stay in that position which is wonderful, one less thing to worry about. I also talked to her about going past 42 weeks, luckily it doesn't really happen that often and they start doing natural things to help things progress at around 40.5 weeks so the odds are that I will go into labor before 42 weeks and not have any problems.

I just got way distracted for about 45 minutes. I think that means it's time for me to go do stuff!

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