I should be sleeping right now! It is just past 2am, we have to wake up tomorrow at 7am for our prenatal appointment. I tried my hardest to get comfy in bed but I can't breathe. Breathing has been really hard all day, but it's worse when I am laying down. I tried to stack some pillows so I was sitting up but that was not comfortable at all. I tried pushing baby down a little, nope, didn't work either. I feel like I need an inhaler or something! I will ask the midwife tomorrow what I can do to make it a little easier on me.
My stomach has been stretching a lot lately which means my lower abdomen has been sore most of the time, which also means that baby is growing. It's really crazy how much your skin actually stretches. I am so used to this belly by now that I think I will feel really weird when there's no baby in it anymore!
Busy rest of the week. Tomorrow is appointment, Bradley class (after tomorrow we only have one left!). Saturday is eye appointment, baby shower, then Jason plays a show. I feel like there is something going on on Sunday but I already forget.
Next Sunday is our baby shower. That will be fun! Wait, that's crazy, that means that next week we are towards the end of May, that means it will be June soon. That means I am running out of time! I don't really know what I am running out of time FOR, I guess I mean holy crap I am going to have a real live baby soon!

I should really try to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to suck. I am totally going to make Jason stop at Dunkin Donuts on our way home so I can get an egg and cheese croissant.

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