So, I get a lot of visitors to this blog! Really! From all over the place too. So if you read my blog you should leave me a comment on this entry and say hey. Make me feel a little more comfortable about having this thing public :)


FandK said...

Hi! I'm currently pregnant too and found your blog through MDC...I love reading what other women are going through and how everyone is doing/feeling/thinking-- makes me feel better about this crazy pregnancy journey! Congrats on your little one!

TheGirl said...

i was shocked when i found out how many people read my blog. it's great. i love getting comments (i am sure you do too) from all the new people and in turn getting to read their blogs!

(ps we have made it all the way to season 3 of heroes and it's still my favorite show even the second time around)

Sequoia Journey said...

I read your blog, and pretty much link to the baby steals every time. I have also wanted to ask you about chacha! I am in your DDC at MDC. I am not a stalker, I promise!! I like your blog, and relating to you in our different places in pregnancy. Thanks! Robin (SequoiasMom)

le petit owlet said...

Hello FandK and Robin! It's nice "meeting" you both :)

I love reading other moms blogs. It's nice being able to relate to other people during pregnancy!
I love baby steals, although lately they keep putting up robeez, which are great little shoes but I don't need them!

Feel free to email me about ChaCha if you have any questions or anything! JessicaLWestbrook@gmail.com

And Kim, Heroes is my new favorite show. Besides my guilty pleasures of Gossip Girl and 90210 (I am not 14, I swear)

Sequoia Journey said...


Check this out. It has grrrreat baby deals, and like 12 per day or something. Plus, it is a great store for baby stuff!

Anonymous said...


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