What the hell was that!?

Last night I was convinced I was going to go into labor. Well, for a few minutes anyway. I'm still not sure what it was, but luckily it only happened once. We went to be at around 1am or 1:30. At 3am apparently I started saying 'ow' in my sleep. Eventually saying ow and the pain woke me up, I was having serious serious cramping like pain in my lower right back close to my side. It was radiating into my lower abdomen. I went to the bathroom to pee and make sure nothing funky was going on and then I went back to bed, still in pain, and got on all 4's and rocked back and forth. Eventually the pain went away, but that is what I would imagine back labor to feel like. Ugh! I didn't fall back asleep right away, I did some google searches on my phone and determined that since another one didn't start that I was not (thank god) going into labor. I am thinking that the baby was probably sitting on a nerve or something weird like that, it definitely didn't feel like any braxton hicks that I have. I guess I will let you know in 7 weeks or so if the pain of that cramp was comparable to real labor!

Other than that scary event of last night, mother's day was good. I didn't consider it mother's day for me really, I want to be able to say my first one is next year, when I have a baby here! Jason and I went to Deep Eddy to "swim". By swim I mean I stood in the pool and walked around for a few hours. It was cold! We went out for some stuffed pizza at a pizza place next to the pool and then "swam" a little more until we decided to go home. I'll tell ya, doing anything in a pool, even if it's just walking around, is serious exercise! I could feel it in my legs! So that's good, I got several hours of exercise in, and I got to be in the sun to get some vitamin D (and no sunburn because I remembered to wear sunblock!). It was 102° in Austin yesterday. Luckily we did go to the pool, being in the water didn't make it seem like it was that hot out. I definitely plan on going swimming a bunch more before this baby comes.

We've been watching Heroes for the past few days. We're almost done with the 1st season. That show is great!

Ok, now I have to stop messing around on the internet and bust my butt on ChaCha. I have a serious personal goal that I have to meet and only 4 days to do it in!

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