Passing the time

I've been trying to find a new layout for my blog. I don't normally like pink, but I think this layout is pretty! I'll keep it for a little while to see how I like it anyway.

This weekend = a lot of not doing anything. Baby decided to lodge it's head into my pelvis in the worst way ever and it caused a ton of pressure and pain for a few days. It was pretty bad. Jason had to do stuff for me because it hurt to stand up and walk around. I took some baths and got on all fours a bunch. It's feeling a bit better now, but it's still a little uncomfortable. I felt like the bones of my pelvis were getting bruised. Ouch!

Went to my friends baby shower on Saturday. Fun times! It was good seeing her and eating delicious snacks. There were coconut macaroons there dipped in chocolate and they were so delicious that I went out yesterday and bought stuff to make some for myself. They came out far from perfect, I will have to perfect the recipe!

I got a different brand of contacts to try and so far so good. I can actually see out of both my eyes, now they just have to get used to the contacts. Another appointment next Saturday to make sure they are good to go! I should get my glasses sometime this week, I can't wait to see if they look on me!

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TheGirl said...

1. i like the new layout, it is very cheery. The french have a saying "think in pink" which is our equivalent to seeing the world through rose colored glasses :)

2. hooray for the contacts. different brands definitely make a difference. I hate that mine are so expensive but they hold moisture well and are special for my astigmatism so it is worth it.

3. you only have 46 days to go!

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