After my appointment this morning I only have one more appointment scheduled at the birth center. Let's hope that I don't even need that one, but if I do then let's hope that I don't need anymore!
Today I had the midwife do a membrane strip. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Uncomfortable, yes a little, but when is any kind of internal exam comfortable. Hopefully it will do something, if not then well, we can try again next week.
Last time I got checked I was just reaching 2cm, now I am 2cm fully and can be stretched to 3cm. Still 70% effaced and baby is at -1 station.
It's weird to think that my next appointment is only a week away, and after that only a week until my due date. I have seriously never been more ready for something to be over. There were some good parts of being pregnant, and some bad. Right now I would probably take the shitty 1st trimester over this though! They seriously are not lying when they tell you the 3rd trimester is the longest. Even one day is just agony.
I have been over analyzing everything, everything could possibly be a sign of labor. It's not. There is no such thing as a sign of labor. It just happens, and unfortunately it's not happening to me yet!
I don't really have much more to say other than the fact that I am ready to have a baby. I am whiny and complain-y, achey. Getting up out of bed takes way too much effort and my allergies are bringing on asthma attacks, not breathing when you are this pregnant is not fun.
Send me labor vibes, dust, whatever! Let's meet this baby!

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