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I just re-listed 4 necklaces that I made (with lower prices than last time! and new summery pictures!). I will hopefully be making some more necklaces tomorrow and listing those too. So check them out, and buy one if you'd like! I really need to start making more stuff to sell, that little bit of extra income can only help.

Since it's now technically the 20th I have 13 days left until my estimated due date. This baby cannot come soon enough! I have been having a lot of pressure down there lately from the baby's head. I woke up from a nap tonight and it took me about 10 minutes to get up and get out of bed, there was just so. much. pressure.

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 35 lbs.
Maternity clothes? I don't wear clothes anymore. I sit around the house in my underwear mostly. If I have to leave the house I throw on whatever sundress is closest (usually the same one all the time)
Stretch marks? Not on my belly, a few barely noticeable ones on the undersides of my breasts. No biggie!
Sleep: Ha. Hahahah. Hahahahaha. What?
Best moment this week: Everything is really just blending together. This week has been pretty neutral. Nothing super good OR bad!
Movement: Active, large, slow, and painful. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between a contraction and a movement.
Food cravings: Not really craving. I haven't had cravings this whole pregnancy really, more like things I am eating a lot of. Right now it's peanut butter sandwiches, in halves!
Gender: Surprise
Labor Signs: 2cm that can be stretched to 3cm, 70% effaced, -1 station. I have had some cramping, some contractions. Let's get this party started!
Belly Button in or out? I didn't think it would ever stick out but it finally has.
What I miss: Being not pregnant, not having a sore pubic area!
What I am looking forward to: Having this baby! I can't wait to meet him or him, find out if it's a him or her, name him or her and just have a freaking baby already!
Weekly Wisdom: Do. not. over. analyze. labor. signs. Seriously - you will drive yourself CRAZY. I have! My friend has too! You won't think that you will, but I feel like it just happens, so if you can try to control it. You'll seriously think that you are going to go into labor for weeks, and it's disappointing when you don't. Better to be pleasantly surprised when you do!
Milestones: Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

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