Crocheted Etsy finds!

I am making a pledge to do a purely handmade Christmas (except for some photo stuff, but I will consider that handmade since I took the photos). Because of that I will be making a lot of stuff, and buying some stuff from Etsy. I've been really into crocheted things lately. So of course I searched Etsy and I found some really beautiful items.
First off, crocheted organic nesting bowls from Eco Chic Hand Knits.

I absolutely love the color combo and I can picture tons of these all over my house. We have lots of small stuff sitting around everywhere, what better than crocheted bowls to put the stuff in! This set of 3 is $35. You can also get extra large bowls and organic face scrubbies!

Next up is this gorgeous crocheted cowl from Wool + Brick.

 I have really been coveting one of these. I don't do well with a regular scarf, they always come unwrapped, tangled up, or I lose them. A cowl is the perfect solution because it won't come off, and I can wear it as a hood, which I love love love! This color combo is fantastic (can you tell I love green yet?) and the chunkiness is perfect. $42.

Last but not least is this crocheted veggies set from Honeybee's Creations.

I can't think of a more perfect play set for Elijah. I don't like plastic toys, I prefer cotton and wood. These crochet toys are perfect. He can chew on them now, learn about colors and food later, and have a really great, handmade toy. This deluxe set comes with a pumpkin, tomato, eggplant, squash, carrot, celery, corn, broccoli, cucumber, potato, cauliflower, 3 Olives, 3 cherry tomatoes, 2 mushrooms and 3 olives. $43

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TheGirl said...

i did a mostly etsy christmas last year and everyone loved it.
i actually got one of those cowls for my bff and she adores it, way better then a scarf

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