Elijah's first Halloween photos.

Elijah the friendly ghost! The adorable knit hat is from Click Knits. Go check out her Etsy shop!

I listed some more jewelry on Etsy! Go check out my shop, you can click the banner to the right! Now is the time to start shopping for holiday gifts. I am free to do custom orders of any colors that you want, just let me know! I am going to be working on adding some wool longies and diaper covers soon, so excited! Perfect for the cool nights we have been having. I almost want to make myself some.

I went to the oncologist today. My cancer drug treatments start on October 9th. I do have to say that I am quite nervous about it. I don't know how my body is going to react. No matter what I feel like I am still a mom and I still have to take care of a baby all day every day. It's going to be a real challenge. I hope I can pull through ok, and I am hoping that my side effects are terrible. My oncologist told me that people DO drop out because they can't handle it. If I just can't take it then I can always quit, but only if I really, really have to. I hope I don't feel that bad though. I go to get my picc line on October 6th. I am going to have the stupid thing attached to my arm until December 4th, when the high dosage injections are done. So, after 4 weeks of having to go there I will be able to do it 3x a week from home.
On the up side, I signed up for this thing called Cleaning For A Cause, if you are a woman undergoing cancer treatments then you can sign up and you get 4 free house cleanings, one a month. So hopefully I hear back from them soon, that would really help a lot!

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