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ashley said...

i LOVE your longies and wool soakers. they are SO cute. you've inspired me to want to make some too. would you consider posting a tutorial here about how to make them? i'm especially interested in the waist - do you add extra elastic or just sew them tight enough that they'll stay up. and are you able to use them with elijah wearing a prefold underneath and not have any leaks? the mauve colored wool/angora blend one is my absolute favorite. it is seriously cute, as is your babe!

Jessica Lyn. said...

Aww, thanks Ashley! There are a bunch of great tutorials online already. I made my first pair from one and now I kinda just play around to see what I can come up with.
Here is a wonderful tutorial for soakers: http://katrinassqs.blogspot.com/2007/10/free-soaker-pattern.html
patterns included!
here is a longies tutorial: http://www.cafepress.com/thatskindacool/864331

I have been using elastic in a lot of my longies, but the mauve ones and the argyle diaper soaker don't have any elastic, it's just a little tighter at the top, it seems to work just as well! You could also add a drawstring if you want an elastic alternative.

I have had absolutely no leaks with just a prefold and a pair of longies or a soaker. It's wonderful! I love having all natural, breathable fibers on Elijah. I lanolize all of my wool items, which is really simple. I use Lanisoh, just a teaspoon or so in really hot water and a dash of dr. bronners, put the wool item in and stir it around for about 10 minutes (make sure the water stays HOT so the lanisoh doesn't clump up). After I like to lay them on a towel and roll it up to get as much water out as I can, and lay flat to dry!
I have found that I don't need to lanolize very thick wool though. As long as you change the diaper as you normally would then there should be no leaks!

I hope this helped you some! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!

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