Oh hi neglected blog! I've been busy taking care of a baby!
We got the refund that was owed to us from the birth center (finally. That only took 4.5 months) so I paid the anesthesia bill from the first surgery.
I also ordered a new car seat! So excited. Elijah is just about at the max weight limit for his car seat, and I hate the bucket style car seat anyway, it just looks so uncomfortable, so I ordered a convertible car seat. I got the First Years True Fit in this color:

It looks so super comfy, and much nicer than the bucket seats. It shipped today so I should get it soon!

Along with the bills and car seat I used my birthday money a little bit early and I ordered a ton of stuff. I am getting a snap press with 810 sets of snaps in different colors, a wide assortment of serger threads (solid and some neat variegated ones in different color combos), a yard of 100% merino wool interlock, a few different colors of PUL, cotton velour, hemp french terry, burley knit terry, cotton/hemp fleece, 20 yards of foldover elastic, some skinny elastic for leg gussets on diapers, and then I ordered a diaper from Etsy for Elijah. I can't wait to get everything! I really need to learn how to use my serger. I took it out of the box and set it up, so that's done, now I just need to watch the videos on threading again and learn how to do that and then play with it.
I got a ton of supplies to make some new longies and soakers the other day. All the longies are almost sold out on my Etsy shop, except for 2 newborn sizes. I am going to make a bunch of medium and larges this week to put up.
I am having an early Black Friday sale, Sunday will be the last day. Buy one get one half off of anything in my shop! All you have to do is message me before you purchase and I will adjust the priced. Of course it's of equal or lesser value. So go shop and get your Christmas presents early!

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