No-Poo Update

So, I fell off no-poo path, but not entirely. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar worked wonderfully but it was just too time consuming for me. When I take a shower it usually has to be quick and that part of no-poo just wasn't quick for me.
I still don't use conventional shampoo and conditioner though. While doing no-poo I found that my hair was actually very manageable (aside from the tangle here and there, but that's no biggie) and I didn't NEED conditioner. At all!

I switched to all natural bar shampoo.
I found this great shop on Etsy, Purely Simple Body, that sells shampoo bars for about $3. I ordered the Sedr and Juniper Berry, Purely Simple for Blonde, and the Chai shampoo bars. As a treat I also ordered the cardamom, vetiver, and henna soap to use on my body and face.
All the soaps smell delicious and they work great! There are just a few ingredients in each soap and all the soaps are organic and vegan.

I will update again soon with some photos! I highly suggest switching from conventional chemical filled shampoos to something all natural! I have gotten more compliments and "did you do something different to your hair?" comments since I made the switch!


Stacey @ ecomodern mom said...

Hello. I read through some of your posts, I am sorry your going through a rough time as am I too(for different reasons), hang in there. I found you on MBC, vegetarian moms. www.ecomodernmom.com

Emily B said...

I was wondering how the no-poo was going. I keep thinking about switching but it seemed like too much hassle. This seems like a much easier option! Thanks for the update and the link to the Etsy shop!

Virginia said...

No-poo works pretty well for me, but I'm able to get by on one or two washings per week.

Even if I had to wash my hair more frequently, though, this is just so much cheaper that I'd be willing to spend the extra time.

Amber Morrisey (@BirthRoutes) said...

I feel off the no-poo bandwagon too. I just wasn't loving it. Thanks for the shop link, being vegan and keeping things pure is very important to me.

ashley said...

what WAS your routine, if i may ask? why would it take too long? i'm thinking about trying it and would love to know what you ended up doing in the end.

Annie Valentine said...

Oh man I loved the no-poo... for like two weeks, then I missed pretty scents... So, what scent was your fav out of the bar shampoos?

Jessica Lyn. said...

@ashley - when i was doing the baking soda i was mixing a tablespoon of baking soda in some water, massaging it into my scalp, then rinsing. I as doing that about once every 3 days, or when my hair got really greasy. i put some apple cider vinegar mixed with water into a spray bottle and used that after the baking soada as a conditioner.

Now when I have time to shower, which seems few and far between, I just use the soap bar. I might use the ACV sometimes cause it really is awesome, but bar soap is so much easier

@Annie - I am kinda digging the Sedr bar soap the best!

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